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Mac-Tour company was established in 2001, and since then we have been working in all areas of MICE industry, organizing events in Poland and all over the world. We are a full service company organizing integration trips, incentives, mass events, conferences, congresses, gala events, picnics, meetings and forums. We help to organize business and private trips, and each request is treated individually – each offer is tailor-made.


Our conceptions are based on selected elements which create ideal solution. We offer professional solutions leading to improvement of internal structure of Client’s company and creating a brand in Partner's and customer's eyes. We pay attention to full satisfaction of our clients.

Contacting us you can be sure that you have a solid Partner in business, and that your request will be treated professionally, honestly and quickly.

We work with passion. We engage. We search.
We Create. We Plan. We Help.
All of that to create an IDEAL EVENT.

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Business travel

Each business travel is an individual case. They may include tickets, visas, hotels, insurance policies, and more other formalities, which may influence the success of the trip. Good organization of such trip requires precise coordination all of the elements and adjusting it to busy schedule of the traveller. We know how to do it!
Each business trip is the investment for the company. Our job is to offer the most suitable solutions to individual expectations of each client . We optimize not only the cost of travel, but we also pay attention to all details, such as time spent in the means of transport. We organize air tickets, as well as railway and bus tickets, and we observe the markets to keep up to date with all the latest suppliers. And all this in order to widen the offer proposed to our customers. We also cooperate with car rental companies all over the world so that we can carefully examine and compare all options of travelling, to advise what means of transportation will be the best solution.


Especially for you, we will offer an ideal place to organize the conference, the best solutions for each service, a complete logistics and additional services. We have a wide selection of verified places for this type of meetings throughout the country, as well as in most of the countries of the world. We will prepare a graphic design, art direction and the necessary advertising materials. On your request, we will provide accommodation and catering, as well as supporting activities of the conference. And all this in order to organize the event, which will be remembered for a long time by all of the participants.


This type of meetings requires advanced logistics and organization and the use of custom solutions. We will create for you an individual project of the event, we will offer optimal and quality technical and organisational solutions. We will also make sure that the message of the event will be consistent with Your expectations. During planning of the event we will collect necessary information and we will make sure that it will be received by indicated group of recipients in the best possible way.


Gala is an elegant and sublime event which lets you build the image and prestige of the brand. The organization of galas for corporate clients is a large project requiring knowledge, experience and precision in planning. Every detail of the project should fit perfectly into the theme or the binding events. We will offer you comprehensive solutions, design, decorations, artistic setting, music and gourmet catering tailored to your expectations.

Special events

Based on many years of experience, we professionally and comprehensively deal with the organisation of different events throughout the Poland and abroad. We deliver unforgettable experiences, using both: already known attractions, as well as unusual, original ideas and activities. We will make sure that the event was exceptional in every aspect.

Incentive events

Motivation is the basis of success. And satisfied and ready for operation single employee will create the perfect team. The atmosphere in your office heavily influences the work efficiency of employees. Depending on the purpose and scope of the project, we select the optimum scenario and technical solutions, to effectively motivate your guests.
We offer a variety of places which meet the expectations of our customers and are suitable for this type of events. We offer to our customers several original proposals of scenario, and on that basis we will organize Your dream event. The choice of activities will give your event the originality that effectively integrate the team and will encourage it to act.

Integration events

Social events are a very important aspect of any organization. Integrated employees will achieve the success of the entire company. The more often such meetings are held, the more benefits for the whole company. We will offer individual tailor-made program events and we will take care of every detail. An unforgettable experience will remain for long in the memory of the participants, causing at the same time, the deepening of integration. The team that has the opportunity to learn more about themselves outside of the company, makes a group stronger and aware of the fact that joining forces will cope with any task.


Each premiere requires a unique housing, so we will make sure that it will be a spectacular presentation. Properly selected place and stage technology will achieve the expected goal. We will create unique solutions that will enable this special project shine and in a unique way to enter a new market. During the project we will make sure that this evening will be a very special event.

Opening ceremonies

Opening with so called “big bang” or simply and elegantly? Thank to partnering with us you will be sure that the important event will take place in a way that is unique and inimitable. The inauguration happens only once, and you may want it to remain in memory. Together we will develop a detailed plan of event, we will take care of the appropriate housing and implement the full scenario according to your expectations.

Product presentations

If you want to enter with a new product to the market, you should be aware of the unique form of its presentation. Originality in action is a recipe for success. Best practices not always are kept in a memory as effectively as modern forms of promotion. We will organize and we will select the appropriate setting, graphic design, and Add-ons. Our agency will take care to prepare a presentation of the products shown at its best.

Incentive trips

Incentive trips are the best form of motivation and recognition for employees. It is also a great way of expression of gratitude for key business partners of your company for the existing cooperation, as well as the special form of saying "thank you". Unique attractions offered on this trip will ensure that participants will return refreshed, happy and enthusiastic, which may give greater involvement in the performance of daily duties.

Integration trips

Well organized business trip will contribute to the strengthening of ties and raise positive emotions among the entire team, taking part in it. This type of event is an opportunity to get to know colleagues with whom we spend a lot of time, and which they do not really know. Such trip will allow for integration with employees who also work in different branch offices or departments. Often it happens that a person has been on with someone, however, had no opportunity to get to know him personally. During an integration business contacts will be moved to a more private land. All of them can relax a bit, drink, or quietly talk about personal life. The advantage of such an Event is also improving internal communication and integration of employees at various levels – we can observe a significant reduction in the distance between the management team and the other employees.

Reward trips

A way of rewarding their employees by the company proves its prestige and status in the market. Adequate to the level of engagement and rightly awarded raises the level of motivation of the whole team. It does not have to be is an annual ceremonial with hand gilded statuettes in Hollywood-style, because who would not be more happy with the unusual exotic destinations... We will organise a trip that in an original way will provide award-winning, how much they mean to you and your business.

Luxury travel

Luxury means the highest standard of travel and leisure, the most exclusive hotels of the world and the highest quality of service. People who are ready to allocate larger amounts for travel, have very high requirements for the place of stay, the standard of the hotel, its infrastructure, environment, cuisine and service. In exchange for a high price you expect the highest quality. To meet these expectations, we will prepare for you the best available tailor-made offer.

FIT services

If you travel individually - we are at your disposal when booking such services as:
- hotels in Poland and abroad;
- air tickets, as well as railway, ferry, bus tickets;
- entrance tickets for all kinds of cultural and sporting events;
- airport transfers;
- car rental;
- travel insurance;
- and many others.


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